Item 01: Sam Norris war diary, 1 February 1915 -1 May 1915 - Page 28

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to clear up a little. We are now watching the Arabs load trucks with waggons etc. They are working to the tune of  €“ 'Ah sing a ling' . Response, 'Yeho tara mar' . A few veiled & unveiled women are standing by. After tea half of the section went ashore from 5-7 o' c. The other half went from 7-9 o.c. Bob Hutchings & I went together & had a good time. It is a very big city and possesses some frightful smells. I think the drainage must be bad. There is no wonder at plagues sweeping thousands of these eastern folks off. A drink costs 1 piastre a glass (1 piastre = 2 ½d

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