Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 16

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fiery ball Sinking into the ocean. There have been some pretty Sunsets but this is the best.
Land in sight at last, first we have seen for two weeks. Will be in Colombo this afternoon. There are about half a dozen native boats or catercuarangs as they are called. Sailing about with a few natives on them. They came as close as they could but are only allowed to a five hundred yards radius There are also a few schools of porpoises to be seen diving about near the Ship.
I have a very sore throat So much so, that I am dieted and ordered by the doctor to cease smoking cigarettes.
We have our uniform on to-day for the first time since we marched through Albany. Jingo my feet are sore after being without boots so long At last we are at Colombo. It is a great place, very pretty and picturesque. The town is built along the coast and there are some

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