Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 7

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Cruiser. All are anchored at mouth of the Sound.
A small whaler came alongside with vegetables & supplies. She was very old and had a very dilapidated appearance
The Engineers & A.S.C. held a combined concert to-night Artists very good. Proposed to repeat same every week
Warship supposed to have fired shots across the bows of a transport steamer while entering the sound at
There are now about 42 ships in the Sound. There is now a strict censorship over all letters leaving the boat but letters sent to those on board are left intact.
Jim Buchanan asked Jack Clark what does radium do who said it mucked up things in general.
Oct 30.
Left moorings at 6.30 and came alongside the pier at 7.45.
The Infantry and A.S.C. from the "Benalla" went ashore about 9 am. They were a fine stamp of men.
The A.S.C. and Infantry off

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