Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 35

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got on.
The funeral of the chap who died yesterday was to-day.
Twenty four men from the A.S.C. attended besides his own company and the 1st Battalion Band. He had a very decent funeral.
We were paid to-night for the last time on board as we will be landing to-morrow some time. There were great preparations etc.
It is raining and altogether a miserable day.
Left moorings and came alongside about 9.30 am. The horses were the first thing taken off. There were only about half a dozen of them. All of them went off quietly except one which had to be slung
Next came the ammunition of which there was a great quantity and then the general cargo.
All the goods were loaded on to the natives lorries, which are twice as long as an ordinary lorry and about three feet from the ground. The wheels being very small. They are drawn by two mules, who, nine cases out of ten are skinny looking beasts.

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