Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 33

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into it.
There are plenty of English people here who gave us a cheer this morning.
First uncensored mail sent away to-day. Also mail from home
Moved into stream at 6.30 pm to make way for the remainder of the fleet.
8 pm Are now anchored in Mediterranean.
Very Dull day. Sea dead calm.
I have been ill for past two days and am still feeling bad. Will be moving off some time to-day. We have been ordered to pack our kits as we will be disembarking to-morrow at 7 am.
Moved off out 5.30 pm. Very cold. Another mail, one from indecipherable
Raining steadey, Heavy sea
Arrived at Alexandia at 8 am Everything ready for disembarkation. Later :- As usual there is some hitch. We are not to land till Monday
There are innumerable sea gulls flying about here. The most I have seen so far. There are also plenty of small sailing vessells and fishing smacks moored near the town. From what I have seen

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