Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 20

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astern. We moved off at 12. knots an hour at 7.46.
The Searchlights from the shore played on us until we out of Sight. We are now en route for Aden. It rained pretty hard during the night and those Sleeping on deck were forced to go below.
It is still raining, but its very close for all that.
There are now only [two?] transport and a Japanese cruiser "The Ibuiki" [Ibuki] in our column. We expect to catch up to the others to-morrow who are only travelling at 8 Knots.
12 am noon. Up to now we have done 192 miles. I have since leaving Colombo omitted to enter up the mileage which is put on chart every day at 12. up to the present but will do so hereafter
It still remains very hot. We are moving very Slow in fact we are keeping the rest of the fleet back in consequence.
The Stokers complained of the heat and some of the A.S.C. & Infantry relieved them. The Speed is now improving

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