Item 02: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 2 January-31 December 1916 - Page 346

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[Tuesday 12 December 1916]

The Desert is at this its best now & the nights perfect, it seems wrong to be killing men all these years, how long is it all going to last.
Aeroplanes bombed 3rd Reg last yesterday & they sail over us each day.
We can see the domes & minarets of Al Arish from our lines.
I can't give much information as to what we are doing but it is much the same as of old.
Clothing always sticky from the Brackish water & our skin gets cracked & sore.
I told you I've got the Criminals hair cut again.
All the ANZAC Mounted Division are now to wear Emu feathers in their Hats certainly adds to picturesque of Millinery & breaks

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