Item 02: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 2 January-31 December 1916 - Page 35

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[Page 35]

[Thursday 3 February 1916]

Had a Field Day & like last summer a good deal of pretence at fighting. One bridge over a Canal was supposed to be blown up & the Tommie Sentry blocked a L.H. Trooper Scout from going across it.
So he tied his clothes on the Saddle took off his boots & with the reins in his teeth swinging his arms as [indecipherable] swimming & yelling out, walked over, saying  €“"the bridge is blown up" & I'm swimming alright."
All this is to keep men & Horses fit while we wait for the attacks that never come. Men soon get stale & we I want a football badly- but by the time it could arrive, we will be fighting again in Ernest.

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