Item 02: Charles Monaghan diary, 1917 - Page 114

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1917 Thursday 26 April

Up for breakfast at 8 a.m. tis hard to take (?) Duties for an hour, clean up & free for rest of day. Over to Y.M. C A for cup of cocoa & to write this & letters. Write all afternoon & read.
After tea, A.Carruthers, Bert. R. "Johno" Ridgy & self walk over to Thiepval & view the ruins & massive German defences --- truly the taking of that post was a magnificent piece of work for the British troops. Such a wilderness of shell holes & wreckage. Thiepval Chateau all that's left of it, a few bricks, underground passages, Tank, dead Fritzes, Duds. Ugh! such grusome sights, make very little impression after all these months. Life's held very cheaply.

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