Item 02: Charles Monaghan diary, 1917 - Page 113

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April Wednesday 25 1917

Anzac Day!! Tis to be celebrated by a bath, dinner & concert. Sanitary duty in morning.
In aft. 3 of us ride into Albert while the mob walk for the bath. It was bonsor first for 5 weeks, also first time we had our clothes off for same period. Return in time for dinner in evening. 6 courses no less. – Pea soup, fowl, & chicken broth, cold mutton & vegetables, plum pudding & custard, then jelly & rice – some tuck in you bet best yet. After tea we repair to concert tent, where stage had been erected & piano hired. A splendid programme very funny in parts. Sang a song. Entertained after by Operating centre at supper – the performers.
A huge mail for me 23 letters & 5 parcels including one for Bob.

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