Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 115

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had been Keept by the Military, pending deportation in a jail in China, thance the Jail in Thursday Island thance Darlinghurst Jail, Monoglo Camp, Darlinghurst Jail, back to Monoglo camp & thance to this Compound. The life in this Camp he started with previously stated 7 days lockup, wherupon he wher putt into the trial bay Compound or Camp, No 4 & this Gentleman suffered all this becourse he belonged to a Socity wich fought the case of the working class suxcessfully in his Native land. Although the Rules & regulationes as issued to this Camp, never mentioned anything regarding loadet Battons or a sandbag being permitted to be used still the Writer has seen on this day 12 buttones & a sandbag about 2lb in weight, hanging on the board wher all the wappons used by the Police. So the opinion & experience of the writer of this Camp & its treatement in general, has come to the conclussion that this Sandbag gets used in the isolation Cells on the Internees, if they resist any order, as a batton leaves in most instances a telltale mark, while a sandbag acts noiseless. To prove to the reader ill treatement is rife, I wiche to state a Internees experience while detained in the lockup. (Giwe Krugers experience) state Newspaper clipping re meeting in Sydney town Hall. Women proved alderman a liar) Why this respexctable Gentleman had to grasp to this measure to raise hate in the breasts of the Australian attendants is unknown to the Writer, but shurly this Gentleman must be of a low Character not fitt for his position, to stoop so "low as

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