Item 02: Arthur John Moore diary, 11 November 1916-11 January 1918 - Page 5

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Sat. Nov. 11
are working right alongside us. Poor devils. I haven't much time for 'em, but they detest the mist & rain as much as we do. Stan Wright & I went into Albert We got a lift in a motor lorry, both in & out. Had a look round the Town, but there's not much to see. The Church is the most interesting item. It must have been a beautiful building before the Huns spoilt it. Went into a Cottage in the Town & had some coffee. They use condensed milk tins for cups & charge 3d a time. Quite a number of civilians have returned to the town since the Germans were driven out. There are a no. of shops where one can buy chocolate,, etc. Of course everything is very dear. We returned to camp at Dinner time. After Dinner we did more roadmaking. We were sitting round the fire after Tea when Fritz dropped a few shells just outside our tent, which made things up somewhat.

Sun. 12 We fell in 9 for Church Parade. C of E were put on fixing up Tents (I was one of 'em) R.C's went into Albert, & attended service there. Instead of singing Hymns they knocked down old houses & loaded bricks on to Waggons. We were kept working all day, although it was Sunday & we are supposed to be resting. Rations are very scarce & we often go to Bed with an empty feeling in our "Little Mary's". A small mail came in today. I got one letter from Nell & 1 from Lill's Aunt at Southend sent the Southend Letter on to M.S. [My sweetheart? His wife Lill] Billsy May got word to say that his leave pass is in, & he's mighty excited about it. Lucky beggar. Tea was a very poor meal. Just Tea & a dry Biscuit

Mon 13. After Break. I paraded to Capt. Woods about my boots which are soulless &amp let in the water so he told me to see what I could get from the Dumps. After fossicking around for an hour or so I managed to find a pair, also puttees.

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