Item 02: Arthur John Moore diary, 11 November 1916-11 January 1918 - Page 80

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Saturday May 26 Got up about 8 & went out quite early. Had a shave. Then I put my things together & prepared to go to Stone. Bunny & Snowy came down to Euston with me & saw me on to the Train. Arrived Stafford 4 p.m. Caught Train to Stone at 4.50. Arrived Stone about 5.30. Saw Jem. Starkey & Topper Wooley on Station. Didn't seem altered a bit. Went to Crown & Anchor. It was great to be under the old Thatch one more. Looked into Unicorn Hotel. Saw Ernest Jackson & had a great old yarn. He's got awfully fat. Just as left his shop met Mr Blakeman. He would have me return then & there with him, so I went back to Shirleywich with him. Frank met us with the Float. He has grown into a big chap. Ruth & Mrs B. very pleased to see me.

Mrs B looks quite an old Lady. The Shock of John's death must have affected her very much. Mr B. looks quite well. Much better than I expected. Ruth has grown into quite a woman. Jolly fine woman, too. John's wife looks very well. His son Alec is a bright bonnie kid. His Grandma & Grandma think the world of him. They made quite fuss of me. Put me in such a lovely big room to sleep. There were all kinds of Girls nick nacks hanging around & it made me feel quite Homesick. Felt lost without pyjamas. Slept soundly & peacefully. Made me think quite a lot of M.S. Bless Her. Actually said my Prayers. First time for years.

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