Item 02: Arthur John Moore diary, 11 November 1916-11 January 1918 - Page 67

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Thur. May 10 (cont)
We arrived at the R.A.P [Regimental Aid Post] in the sunken road about 8 p.m. & reported to Major Bond. Two squads failed to turn up & we waited for them an hour or so before moving on to relieve the others. Our Squad, (Bricky, Howard, Johnnie Maggs & Nigger Bowden & I) went out to Left R.A.P. with 3 other squads & relieved the 1st F. Amb. We had a good dug out which held 2 squads nicely. Reg Sutton, Arthur Butler, Sam Wallace & Wynn Arthur were the other squad.
Things were fairly quiet & we didn't get a case till about 2 a.m. on

Friday May 11th
Just as we were about to start off with our case Fritz put over his Barrage & the M.O. of the 59th told us to wait awhile till he slowed down a bit. About 2.30 we started off. Fritz continued to shell heavily, but we were lucky & got through to the relay Post without damage. Fritz kept on putting his big stuff over & the cases arrived just quick enough to keep us on the move. Harry Lambdon got a crack on the hand just before we arrived at the R.A.P. which made his squad short. Dick Scholer, Dick Kenna, & Armstrong were the other 3. About 10 or 11 a.m. Fritz dropped a shell just outside our dug-out & gave Scholer a crack on the Head. He went away smiling. That left his squad with 2. Then Dick Kenna took sick & that left one.
The 58 Batt. were in the front Line & they got it hot & strong. There are thousands of dead lying about & the stench is awful. During the afternoon 2 men got killed in the sap through which we return from the relay Post. It is not wide enough to allow a stretcher through

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