Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 83

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we shall hawe to find a substitute, but as matters stand, your decission means a direct expression of suspicion against the Members of this Committee besides involving a doubt of the integrity of the returning officer. In spite of this we have considered it our duty to the Camp to remain in office, pending an appeal to the Hon. Mr Justice Harvey to whom we shall forward the copy of this letter. We also protest the remarkable fact, that Dr Lohde, though he & his staff had allready resigned at the time whas in position to anounce in the Camp your decission sub (2) & (3) allready the day before yesterday, whilst they wher not communicated by you to the election Committee untill today. Regarding the separate representation of the Croatianes on the Camp Committee, wich you refused me & very large sectiones of Internees, who appointed us, are of this opinion that this concession would only hawe been a fair & reasonable one considering the language difficulty. With respekt of the carrying on of the buisness of the Camp Representation we made an offer to the Provost Marshall last Sunday through Mr Kersten, to the effect, that in case the late Comittee should refuse to carry on, we would though reluctantly assume charge of the routine buisness. We herewith repeat this office becourse complaints are being made in this Camp that the buisness is not being carried on. We request your permission to publish this letter on the Camp Noticeboard. Remain your faithfully The Ellection Committee signed A Kersten. PM Marquardt. P.M.Baerwald. Dr Ginselbush. K Forster. M Preston. This letter of protest wher handet by the Ballot Committee on

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