Item 02: Arthur John Moore diary, 11 November 1916-11 January 1918 - Page 136

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Wed. Sept. 26 (cont) Ralph also got a piece in his leg, but it only grazed the skin. He fixed up my leg & also put a bandage on Westy. As soon as things got a bit quiet I hobbled along to the D.S. on the Menin Road. In the excitement I took the wrong turning & wandered through the wood, where a lot of our big guns were. Just as I was hit our barrage started. It was a beauty, & very quickly silenced Fritz's Guns. On my way to the D.S. I met a couple of other chaps slightly wounded, & we got aboard the first car we met & went to the M.D.S. [Main Dressing Station] Here I saw Sgt. Seymour & Maj. North dressed my wound. From here we went by motor lorry to the Can C.C.S. Our crowd were at the D.R.S. [Divisional Rest Centre] opposite & very soon came to see me. Maj. Wooster, Mac, Brian Aspinall & a whole crowd of 'em. Bill Gamble brought me Tobacco & Cigarettes.
At the C.C.S. they gave us Porridge, Biscuits & Cocoa. Then we were put aboard the Hosp. Train & brought to No 22. Gen. Hosp. Camieres Here we changed our clothes & had a Hot Bath, which was most refreshing. I was very soon asleep, & did not wake up till the Orderly brought round Break. on THURS. 27
Am in A 10 Ward. It is a big marquee & has 60 Beds. It is an American Hospital & the nurses & staff look after us well. We had Porridge, with plenty of milk, but no sugar, bread & Butter & Tea. At 10 the Doctor came round. He marked me for X Ray. I went down after dinner, but they were too busy, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow. After Tea the Yanks played Baseball. It was quiet thrilling to watch. Wrote Letter 35 to B.E. also wrote to Mother & sent whizz-bangs to Ruth & Mrs Sam.

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