Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 80

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The election is to be held in the Turn halle Saturday the 7 September 1918. The hours will be made known as soon as possible. The returning Officer is Mr Marguardt. Nominations must be in writing & must contain the full name & company & mess of the candidate & the person who nominated him, & must be endorsed by the candidates in the presence of a wittnes who must also sign his Name & adresse. It must further be clearly stated on the nomination paper wether the nominated person is a candidate for the Comittee (section 1 or 2) or for the position of auditor. Nomination papers may be handet personaly to the returning officer, or may be put into a box providet for that special purposse at Niets fruit shop. Duration of Committee: Members of the Camp Represantation & Auditores are ellected for the terms of 6 months. Retiring Members & Auditores are elligible for reellection. In case a member resign or does not fullfill his duties for a period of longer than a month, the defeated candidate who polled the next highest numbers of votes automatically takes his place. In case of absence of the president the member of the Committee who is next voting strength takes his place providet that he has full comand of the German language. Rights & duties of Committee Members. The Camp administration & Representation will be devidet on the following general lines. A. Representation & Supervision. (President B Rationes & Kitchens C financial matters (Canteen Camp funds Invalid funds. Comfort & Comfort funds German & Austrian Governement assistance ectra

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