Item 02: Arthur John Moore diary, 11 November 1916-11 January 1918 - Page 104

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Sat. July 28. Temp. of 99.8 this morning. Feeling pretty rotten.
Hooray: Got 2 more Letters from Lill today. Cheered me up wonderfully. Major Wooster marked my Ticket C.C.S. So I won't be marching to Glory with the Mob. Left Senlis about mid-day as a stretcher case. Arrived C.C.S. about 4 p.m.
T. 100.6 Ordered to Bed & to be evacuated.

Sun. July 29th First time I've been a real patient in a Hospital. Am in a big marquee with about 30 others. Slept fairly well last night, although the Blankets are a bit lively. Tucker not too good, just plain Bread & Butter & Tea. Medicine 3 times a day.
We are wondering whether or not the Train will turn up to take us away. Gee! The crowd in this ward are not very sick. They fool around all day, but as soon as the M.O. appears, they hop back to Bed & grunt & cough. About 6 the train came in, & there was joy in the camp. I came as a lying case, but am going away as a sitting case. I'm afraid my chances of Blighty are getting dim, but I must keep up heart. "Faint heart etc"

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