Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 66

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from hier & wher another recaptured in Sydney about 20 Miles in the other in a Country place 45 miles away. Those arrested in Queensland after awaiting trial by Curtmarshial in the Darlinghurst jail I wher put into Singh Singh to prevent him escaping again the other two to 28 days Darlinghurst Jail. All the others also recieved 28 days Darlinghurst Jail & returned into Camp after being compelled to giwe the word of Honor never to try to escape again. 13/ On this day an Austrian Internee got released to attend & look after his children. About 2 weeks ago this Internee recived communicationes that his Wife layd seriously ill & not expekted to live. This Internee applied for permission to visit his Wife under guard before it was too late. This however wher refused by the Camp Authorities. When this Internees got informed that his Wife had died, he applied to be permitted to go to b be present at the funeral, wich also got refused. Now their the Wife has been burried for over a week. He wher told by the authoritys to return to his Children to protect them & to see that they didn't want. "Another instance of the treatement meted out to Internees in case of dead in their families. A Internee 56 Years of age, a farmer living at Temoora N.S.W. born in Australia recieved telegram that his daughter, aged 28 years & married, lay dying. He applied for permission to goe & see her under guard. This request got refused by the Comandant. When he recieved a telegram to his daughter had died, & would be burried on a certain date, he applied for permission to be present under

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