Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 38

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through the Barbwire fence leading direkt to the Canteen. The Bakers, Butchers & all private business concerns of our Camp had to deliver the goods ordered by the New Camp at the Canteen during the afternoon, to be taken delivery of at 6 p.m. We inmates of the Main Compound looked upon this harsh treatement meted out to the Newcomers as unjust, becourse they wher entitled to burn their property to the ground, as they could not bring it with them, in prefferance to it falling into the hands of a Governement without compensationes of any sort wich Keeps them Captives, as the Governement would hawe only reaped a certain benefitt of same, as the Daily account of the Garden has proved. So to all Internees this harsh treatement wher unwarrantable & certainly unjust. The reasones why the Trial Bay Internees got shifted at such short notice wher the following. A Trial Bay Internee some months back wrote a letter to his father, wich occupied a high position in the Germ Imperial Service, about being interned in Australia & quatered in a Building wich formerly had been a Penetentiary for Convicts. As this is forbidden by the Hague Convention concerning Pris of War the father sett levers going with Germ Imperial Governement to hawe this state remedied, else hawe reprisals taken. The Germ. Governement insisted to hawe this remedied in Australia at ones, as Internees & Pris of War are not to be treated or housed like Convicts, with the previously mentioned result. As the Germ Governement, if their demand had not been accepted immediately would not doubt as a reprisal hawe Australian Officers

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