Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 18

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convicts close cannot be more disfigured, as those recieved singlets & boots could not be issued, as their wher none in store. Another wait, like usual & so get cheated, as our clothing.

 €¦due, as per regulation. The time however only counts from day time €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦.This might be in 3-7 months time. This day we had send some leaf tobacco from Germ. New Guinea, about 2lb had to be devidet between Internees. 24/ Xmass eve very quite. Band gawe a few Selectiones during evening. 25/ Xmass, a day like any other hier in Camp 26/ celebration by all Clubs. New years night. About 3000 Internees walked beside the Barbwire like animals in the Zoo, while the rest wher awaiting midnight in the barraks & the better off in the Caffees. 2pm The Camp Band played selectiones at diverse places of the camp for  ½ hour, than we all returned to our sheds called barraks, & our pets, that is Bugs & fleece. New year wher also day like any other day. This day during the afternoon it rained & blowed terrible. As several N.S.W. worried Internees had a visit of their Wifes & family, they got soaked Well. No shelter of any sort is providet at the visiting ground & Camp regulation, forbid the use of tents & blankets etc. The Internees family must leave their homes at about 8 o'clock in the morning to reach hier at 11am to depart 5pm so unable to reach home before 8 pm, the Reader can gues, if a treatement of this kind, in letting wives & Children remain in the open during heavy rain, to visit their Husb, father & former breadwinner if that corresponds with religious, civiliced law regulations. The Internees forwardet a letter of complaints to the Minister of Deffence, to the visitor & to the consul.

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