Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 27

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was crude.
19th Still cold and dreary. Infantry continue to arrive from Anzac and the surrounding country is fast becoming a huge sea of canvas.
21st Very cold. About 10 am it commenced raining very hard and for over two hours poured incessantly. Then the hard ground was transformed to a veritable quagmire, the only bit of dry ground being inside the tents. Then the mail was given out. Ah! How it livened everyone up. We all sat inside our tents devouring the contents of our mail and didn't care how hard it rained. We had not received any mail for over eight weeks so one can easily imagine how pleased we were.
22nd The rain has gone and in its place is mud & slush but everything is fresh. It is of course bitterly cold and to make matters infinitely worse

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