Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 88

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as yesterday. It is not quite so cold as it has been, tho' we shall have some more snow soon.
8 pm Fritz is again sending over some high explosive. I hope he does not come too near.
27th Cold & misty. A heavy frost fell during the night. Fritz kept up a continual shelling throughout the night. Things were much the same all day. Taubes up about 12 noon. Our anti- aircraft guns were going strong and though they did not hit any of the Hun machines, they succeeded in driving them back to their own lines. Violent bombardment by our artillery about 7 pm. Up to now Fritz has been quiet, tho' he may start during the night.
28th Fritz was quiet all night (at least he did not wake me if he did fire). Fine & dull not to mention cold. The ground is still in the same squashy condition. On convoy to Flers – when we were about half way (near Delville (Devil's) Wood) Fritz let the column

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