Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 71

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consult the maps. The train was due to leave at 10.28 pm and everything was loaded (mules & wagons) and the men all aboard when she left. The night was chilly & about midnight a heavy fog settled on the country.
9th Heavy fog. At 7 am we arrived at Proven where we detrained mules, wagons etc hooked in and started off on the track. The column was halted outside the town for an hour and we had breakfast & fed our mules. At 9.30 we were on the move again and at 11.15 am we passed through Poperinghe (a fairly big town). About 2 pm we reached Renninghelst, where we pitched camp 18 kilos from Ypres. Constant shelling can be heard quite distinctly.
10th Beautiful day. Nothing of note.
11th Pioneers renovate narrow gauge railway from Poperinghe to Ypres. A long job.
15th All "1914 men" were ordered to hand in their pay books. I think furlough is to be granted.
18th Raining heavy all day. As per usual another box up. We are to shift camp today. Reveille was at 4.30 am and at 6 am all available wagons and

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