Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 66

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bombardment in progress. Rain cleared off.
28th Monday. Still clear. Very quiet. At 1 pm went to the trenches. Rain started about 2 pm & poured for the rest of the day. Germans bombard our front line & reserves.
29th Still raining. The ground is very slippery & it is difficult to walk. About 5 pm a terrific thunderstorm commenced. Bivouacs & dug outs were torn down & filled with water. By 6 pm it had abated & then came the work of fixing them up again. After this was done we had "tea". Luke warm tea & a hard biscuit. The food is fast becoming worse. The quality is good but the quantity small. If it continues we shall find it a difficult matter to exist. No explanation given as to the shortage of food.
30th All night long the wind blew a hurricane taking all before it. Luckily however my dug out was one of the few left standing. Still it needed renovating. This was hardly finished when the rain again commenced and between the wind & rain we had a lively time .
About 4 pm there was a little excitement. Fritz sent over a couple of shells which landed in the centre of the camp (about 100 yds from my dug out) burying four men of the Irish Guards. It was pouring rain. Never-

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