Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 62

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over our trenches & supports. The 4th Div now man the front line & supports. About 10 pm the artillery opened out & kept up a heavy bombardment till about 5 am when it ceased.
9th Raining. Everything very quiet except for the usual rattle of trench mortars & shrapnel, which never ceases. Slight bombardment during night.
10th Raining still. Ground very mucky. Fritz sends over more shells. Our artillery bombard at night.
11th Rain ceased. Beautiful day. Shells are continually falling in village. "Granny" who is alongside us barks at intervals. Gee she makes some row.
12th All quiet on our side. Fritz livens up & sends plenty of shrapnel & high explosive into Fricourt – Poizieres & Contalmaison. Wounded come in all day. Mick Cavanagh goes to hospital.
13th Sunday. Out all day at trenches. Quiet except for the usual shrapnel etc. Attack about 10 pm – Furious.
14th Wet & mucky. Very quiet all day the silence being broken in our area by "Granny" who "spoke" occasionally. At 6 pm all wagons were sent out to Becourt Wood to be loaded with the battalion's tools. We packed up

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