Item 01: John D. Wilson diary, 18 May-27 July 1916 - Page 19

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A drill parade today for the first time. Instructions for correspondence we were especially told not to mention any of the following or the letter would be censored or perhaps not forwarded.

Names & places of dispatch
Names of escort.
Number & description of troops the position of forces
Route & Ports of call
Criticism judged harmful
References to [indecipherable] units or commanders.
Ships met enroute.
Sickness, other than sea sickness, [indecipherable]

From 11 to noon 3. p.m. to 4 pm, 6 to 7.

Instructions were also given that a church parade would be held every Sunday morning.

The storm today has considerably abated and there are not so many sick about. More than half of the Battalion were sick. The Band played today for the first time, being sick before.

Wednesday June 7. 1916.
Much better today, west wind, steamer still rolling. Physical drill, a quiet day. Ate 3 square meals today.

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