Item 01: John D. Wilson diary, 18 May-27 July 1916 - Page 7

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May 18, 1916
1. The greatest possible care must be exercised in handling explosives.
2. Timers must be kept dry
2. Timers must be inclosed compact with charge.
3. Detonator inserted well into and secured to Primer
4. Fuse inserted well into and secured to Detonator
5. Fuse on leads to be tied back to charge.
6. Cover charge to prevent it burning.
7. Use [rectifier] to enlarge hole in the Primer on charge.
8. Test all Fuses, [indecipherable], Detonators and Explosives.
9. Make good joints.
10. Charge to be continuous.
11. Charge hole in [alone] contact to object to be demolished.
12. Never carry detonators and explosives in the same [indecipherable]. Don't pack Detonators and explosives in the same store.
13. Miss Fires  €“ don't be too curious. Leave it for some time. A t least half an hour. Better left to next day.
14. Carry a knife and means of ignition.
Wet gun cotton can be out with steel tools with safety provided a continuous

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