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January 31, 1916 Monday

67 weeks from home

that our train had left an hour before so arranged about the bike & went down to the New Obelisk for tea & had another feed, after tea booked seats at the Kursaal for the last show, drove up to the station where we said goodbye to Alec; visited the National Hotel booked beds & had a clean up, at 9 oclock set out for the Kursaal where we had a ripping time & Australia added another wreath to her laurels by entertaining a lady of the harem got back at 12.30 & turned in to hop out at 5 to catch our train, got into camp at 8.00 to find the Boss unaware of our escapade, after breakfast went up for the new bike which was OK minus 2 pumps only, the CO went to Teheria to fix up the new line, fixed up Mel scrap then went for a spin on the sand turned in at 9 tired out.

February 1, 1916 Tuesday

Hop out at 6

Stables as usual my mare is as usual lame but is getting well by degrees, had to send to Kattaba for oil as the CO's going to El Bookir in the morning, so Charlie left after dinner, Mel & I tuned up our scraps mine has a blow hole through the cylinder nothing much only an occasional weep or so. The natives proved troublesome at Absassia yesterday & the Heliopolis troops were ordered to stand to arms but nothing eventuated. All the natives have been mobalised so as the authorities know where they are, when the fun commences, two more falls yesterday one from the stirrup pulling out the other a clean throw. They are carrying 2 days rations tomorrow & spare petrol also all sorts of firearms.

Lights out at 9.

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