Item 02: Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916 - Page 9

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January 13, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 6.30

Spent all the morning adjusting saddlery for the move tomorrow, wireless pack horses exercised I later on went in for oil & to Gen Faire re the C.O. remount which has not come to hand yet after lunch Chas & I went in again for dubbing sent it out on a garry & had a run round Cairo got out at 5 had tea & was just writing up when a dispatch came in to go to Mr Brit Sheppards Hotel so I had to go in as everyone else was out got back at 8.30 met Harold in Heliopolis had a decent feed then home to bed for revielle is at 5 in the morning the aviation crowd gave us an exhibition of banking with 3 machines & all sorts of tricks flying was resorted to from volplaning downwards up to spiral & corkscrewing, lost 2 horses during night as Trif as corp. of picquet.

Left Heliopolis

January 14, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 5

Stables at 5.15 & Boot & saddle at 6.30 we moved out for the first half of our journey at 8.30, I was riding my new mount, several were thrown on the parade ground but none were hurt we made Cairo at 11.10 & lunched at Rodel-Farac where we arrived at 12.20. Off again at 1.50 & soon left the civilised portion of Egypt behind, the day being one of the best one could enjoy a trip out into the country, which is now looking its best, passed the Power house & the banana plantation at 2.40 the fruit is just forming & the strawberries ripening tomatoes abound on every hand & can be had for a mere song, made the Barrage a little after five & were glad to have tea after fixing the gee's up, Unky had tea ready & didn't we enjoy it for 8 hrs in the saddle is no joke. Turned in at 7

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