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January 3, 1916 Monday

63 wks of soldiering abroad.

I took the old Triumph in to the garage this morning & when there got the prettiest little dog imaginable met the troop waggon on its way into Gherisha for the kit bags. Pard who was in charge was thrown off his horse in Cairo so I rode it from there on, got out to the show grounds at 5.15 & found the place closed up, it seems the lads only work a few hours, so we had to come home, & by the way we lost out little dog there also, we then called in at the Cairo railway station for the bicks but they were also closed up so then we came home in record time had tea got cleaned & with Harold went down the town paid a visit to the Kursaal which wasn't too bad, & after having the usual feed we strolled home & turned in hoping that the morrow may bring forth something fresh.

Motors arrive.

January 4, 1916 Tuesday

Reveille at 6.30

Feed up & watered what horses we have got & then got the welcome news that our scraps were in Cairo & of course we weren't long in getting them out. Cox & Dobbyns went in & found them all ready for the road, the got out just before lunch & they turn out to be the last 3 speed gear box Triumph war model a real daisy, everything of the best & all spares complete, she is a fair better model in every way than the last & is about the best combination obtainable, Chas & I went for a spin to Helouan after dinner & they went tip-top not a thing wants adjusting, did the 25 mile home in 33 minutes not too bad considering we had 2 ml of Cairo to negotiate after tea Hal & I went down the street & met Mac from our old house he still is at the palace hotel as electrician saw Stan & Gilbert again

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