Item 02: Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916 - Page 58

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20 April, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

What horses were left went out to the Palms for exercise. The 2nd L.H. accompanying them, old Charlie Chatman keeping them company.

Paid the dentist a visit this morning & he informed me that all would have to come out so he gave me an appointment for Saturday morning at 10.

Received a letter from Ern & he says that everything is OK at home.

Received a Power-Plus catalogue & thats the engine thats going to revolutionise the motor world.

Bob & Claude Jackson are both in Egypt so dropped them a line.

More mail arrived but none for yours truly although all the others got theirs expect mine & parcels tomorrow.

Played chess & turned in at 10 pm.

21 April, 1916 Friday

Hopped out at 5.15

Great news came to hand today for the Russians are credited with taking Treligond & now they will take some stopping, our forces are advancing slowly up the Tigris although the floods are heavy, Verdun has just about blown itself out at last.

Both Hal & I were recommended by the Bde Maj for those jobs, we will know how we got on in a few days.

Tommies move out that leaves us with sole command of this district.

Parcel mail arrives & I got one beauty of clothing viz 2 shirts 6 handkerchiefs & a pair of socks, they will come in exceptionally handy, as I'm about run out.

Played the C O chess & won & then turned in at 9.30 tired out. Day has been extremely hot about 129° in the shade.

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