Item 02: Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916 - Page 56

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16 April, 1916 Sunday


Revielle at 5.30

Stables as usual.

Horses tipped for tomorrow are getting a little extra attention today & great excitement prevails as to whose stable is going to hold the winners, the money has shortened a bit, mine is now 2 to 1 & Bill M is even money.

Messed around all day & wrote letters. Pard & Freddy went out to the catacombs on Push bikes, they saw the old mummy that we found when we were out there, they got home about dark tired out.

Played chess with Smithy & others & turned in at 10.10 pm.

CO received a letter from Downing who isn't having too rosy a time, Charlie also got one from Bob who also is up to his neck in it.

17 April, 1916 Monday

79 wks from home

Hopped out as usual

Set off to the Palms at nine as usual, horses in the pink of condition & men eager for the days sport, got work finished early & at 11.30 rode out with Jack Latham up on the back, on the way out he shot a couple of dogs with my revolver, led off to the course at 2 after the usual prelims we lined up for the first heat, my mount was as eager as fun, got a splendid start & after a great go with Hal was beaten by a head for first. Mustards ran a bad last, the 2nd heat went to Charlie Cox on Algy with Billings second, in the 3rd heat Brown on Larkins mare won with Goty a near second, the final was great & no one could pick the winner. I had the inside running & got a poor start & only ran into 3rd place, Charlie Sting came off Waugh & came well nigh to getting hurt but got out of it OK.

Wrote more letters & turned in at 10 pm.

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