Item 02: Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916 - Page 44

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March 23, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 5.15

Teed up at 5.30 & had breakfast at 6. Boot & saddle at 6.30, the boys then trek out 5 miles to a large palm grove where the horses are to be kept during the heat of the day. I went out at lunch time & took their dinners out. The day was frightfully hot & I got burnt some whilst riding.

The aviation people have got an aerodrome fixed up about 2 miles N of our camp & machines have been up all day.

Have had another attack of fever or rather the after effects & am now not feeling too good, went over to the Doctors but I only got pills & I don't think lead & opium is much good for counter-acting fever.

Turned in at 9.30.

March 24, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 5.15

Just the same procedure as of yesterday, nothing else.

Had a few trips out to the station, heard that there was a mail expected & Downs is to go to Cairo to relieve Green who has gone to the [indecipherable] the CO is contemplating a trip to Cairo if so I may stand a chance of another trip.
Weather still frightfully hot & whips of flies. Metcher (Owens brother) came back today from hospital, he looks none the worse for wear after his stay on Helles.

Went up the town for a donkey ride, had supper & then turned in at 9.20.

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