Item 02: Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916 - Page 104

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21 July, 1916 Friday

Still fighting

Went out after them today & had a real good go we lost one man shot in the head, the artillery got on to them at Oghratina & shelled blazes out of them prisoners are arriving daily, we expect them to attack today & are ready for them.

Two of the enemy's planes came over & gave battle to ours, we drove them off Romani but they came over us & I thought they intended giving us a few pills, enemy towards the close of the day came at us but we couldn't wait for them. They have 8 battalions of rifle, 2 regts of cavalry also with a few mountain guns.

Got in at 12.30 tired out

22 July, 1916 Saturday

The Second Bde kept them busy today at Oghratina & attacked at dawn inflicting losses on the enemy at all points, prisoners continue to come in & one is supposed to be a German sergeant who is supposed to be with the German Battalion. Their force now consists of 12 Bns of 800 men, 8 batteries of 10 pdrs, 2 regts of cavalry as well as two companys of camel corps who are supposed to be 1000 men per company at Bir-el-Abd they have established a large Hospital & an ammunition pack & at Salmana they have a aerodrome & today there were 2 Fokkers at rest. They continue to consolidate their lines everywhere, expect the big fight any day, good-oh.

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