Item 02: Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916 - Page 94

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1 July, 1916 Saturday

Reveille as usual

Nothing much during the day only a few of our planes were over taking photos, we have just got our lines & office straightened out nicely & the nuts have been screwing it off to some tune, Gen Chavel & his staff returned to Hill 40 today, now that the stunt is over the. The 2nd Regt collared El Sagri & found British clothing & ammunition, also Turks ammunition this they burnt & the flames were visible even from here.

Feeling a trifle off again tonight, fear fever.

2 July, 1916 Sunday

Reveille at 4.30

All lines were poled today & now everything is neat & clean once again. Our friend Mr Aman is now Sig Officer to the 155th Bde & was over to see us today. The 5th LH went out on a reconnaissance towards Jif Jaffa yesterday & did well, the plane had reported about 200 camels & 20 men there the boys succeeded in rounding up 120 of the camels & 5 of the men, they brought them into camp OK so now we will have a few more camels to amuse ourselves with. A Turkish patrol was sighted today at Oghratina but they imshied before we got at em.

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