Bowler war diary, 21 May-July 1917 / William (Bill) Gordon Bowler - Page 9

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"Encounter", "Ulysses". "Shropshire", "Benalla" & "Port Sydney",
Port line "Marathon" "Boonara" "Clan McIlvery" & "Tofua".
Each line is about a mile apart, and each ship about six hundred yards. As we are the Flagship of the Convoy, we are stationed in the centre with a vessel between us and the escort. We are constantly signalling all day, and have seven members of the Signal Corps on the bridge. Tuesday 15th May. Sea moderating in the morning. Convoy closed in on escort about midday. Xxx Afternoon very cold, sea rising again. Convoy takes former stations. Salt water entered fresh water tanks and spoilt a good deal of the drinking water. Rumoured we are going to Freemantle for a fresh supply. Previously bound direct to Durban. At sunset blowing a gale again with heavy seas. (Wrote letter card)
Wednesday 16th May. Heavy sea running. Convoy shipping seas forward and at times rolling heavily.Judging by the other vessels our ship is easily the best sea boat. Weather clearing again toward sunset with sea going down. Less sea sickness aboard.
Thursday 17th May. Sea again getting rough with wind blowing very strong. Toward midday heavy sea running. Benalla close astern shipping green seas continually & rolling heavily. At times she ships three seas in succession and we can plainly see the water pouring off her decks. The "Port Sydney" is also making bad weather of it. Other ships playing up more or less. Received latest war news by wireless - from Perth. Friday

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