Morleville diary, 4 August-15 November 1914 / Anthony de Morleville - Page 9

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15) October 25th
Arrived back in Furnes. The 19th I went to Lille to see my mother and sister. After having past the Belgian outposts I was captured by the Germans. They did not treat me too bad. I was taken to the prison camp of Roulers. The Germans told me, that they would send me to Germany on the 21st. On the 20th an American attaché came to visit the prisoners. Being able to speak English I asked, implored him to intercede by the German commander, to send me to Lille to say farewell to my mother. The commander being a kind fellow, gave me that permission. I was send to Lille in motorcar, with few guards. I reached it at 6oc. at night and was not able to go home before morning. At 8 o'clock the guards took me to Warguchal, where my mother was. When I reached the villa, I found everyone weeping. I did not understand what it meant, so I went straight in. One of my sister made me sign to follow her. She opened the door of my mothers room. And there was my mother covered with blood. She had 6 wounds and had been dead for 2 hours. I don't remember what happened after that until I woke up to find myself in bed. One of my sisters was looking at me and when I saw her I remembered everything that had happened. She told me that two days before the Germans had occupied the town, and the Germans told my mother she would have to lodge two officers

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