Item 06: Thomas D. Munro war narrative, 18 July 1918-3 March 1919 - Page 22

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Tues 22nd October.
Allowed out of bed for two hours,

Wed 23rd Oct.
Allowed up for two hours, and ordered not to leave the ward, but I had enough of it, so cleared off into London for the afternoon. I got some words from the sister when I returned.

The following few days I spent in London.

Tues 29th Oct.
12-30am Left Southall with party and went to see "Shanghai" at Drury Lane Theatre. Train from "Southall" to London. When we got out of the train at London one of the Red Cross ladies was waiting on the platform for us.

We were put into a Dray and driven to the Theatre. Where Ivy Schilling, Dorothy Brunton, were acting and after the show the Dray was waiting for us. We then drove to the Anzac Buffet where we had tea. Then we went back to Hospital. The expenses were all by the members

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