King diary, 1 April-31 August 1917 / James Clive Selwyn King - Page 28

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Still at "death trap" but our conditions are better than formerly & the casualties so few that we are not all the time out. Relieved at 11 p.m. & not too soon. 8th field got lost on way in & took some time to find us. 8 men went up into Hindenburgs line, hell came out, reached Veaulk at 4 a.m. had breakfast

Had breakfast & came by light railway to Bapaume – too much exhausted to march. Arrived Bapaume & marched to Beaulencourt, camped in open air for night, hung about.

Hung about all day & are to march to Pozieres after tea. G.O.C. with Birdie inspects us at 5 p.m.

Since 12th been at Pozieres doing light fatigues. Nothing eventful happened.

Left Pozieres marched to Hencourt Henencourt where we billeted.

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