King diary, 1 April-31 August 1917 / James Clive Selwyn King - Page 24

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losses, but jolly glad to have escaped at any rate. We came up into a sunken road with for a few hours sleep & to be held in reserve. The barage was awful, but soon all fell asleep after one of the most eventful days in our lives and one that we shall always remember with horror & sorrow as long as any of us live.

Not called out yet, feeling much refreshed after a sleep & a meal. The bombardment continues but on a small scale. At 5.30 p.m. went back to sunken road & learned that we were held in reserve for the "hop over". 10.30 load of [indecipherable] blown up. Went to rescue the wounded in the face of a most awful barage, met the Gordon Highlanders going in

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