Minahan diary, 1 January 1917-3 January 1918 / M. Minahan - Page 104

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15 Sun - 16 Mon April
very heavy bombardment by Jacko with 6 inch guns niggers going in all directions conference on battle expected in a few days Turks moved up to line [indecipherable] buggars don't know what will be worse H or Gas Artillery & Fokk very busy very hot. Moving out 6.30 all night ride

17 Tues April
Moved out at 6.30 16th Dust was that bad could not see the chap in front of you also very cold shivered up a sweat Infantry att Gaza and were repulsed with heavy loss

18 Wed April
Recon a T. Position 8 miles east of Shallal terrible hot and dusty leaving for Gaza at 6.30

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