Minahan diary, 1 January 1917-3 January 1918 / M. Minahan - Page 90

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25 Sun February
Mike very bad green feed did not agree with him General Dobell Chetwode & Chauvel visited front line tenches otherwise very quiet

26 Mon February
Letters from G & N. Taubes over Loveredge knocked by mule Harry Cook landed 2nd Bgde stunted to Rafa Railway passed camp Duchess went gay 6 Prisoners

27 Tues February
Rained like Hell Son & myself got wet to the skin up at 3 2nd Bgde met Turkish Cavalry. Rum Issue Q M arrived drunk Miller & Shean had a box on more Turks

28 Wed February
Horses out in the crops Taubes over General went to Rafa more Turks

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