Item 06: Thomas D. Munro war narrative, 18 July 1918-3 March 1919 - Page 11

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Up to the present I did not have much pain with my arm, but when I lay down on the stretcher at night, it gave me What for.

One of the Fritzs plane flying over the Village near our dressing station, but he came a Big G. as one of our planes got on to him & brought him down in flames.

Mon. 12th Aug
Got into Red Cross Train at noon, on our way to Rouen. While travelling all the boys received the best of attention from the Red Cross Staff on board the train.

Tuesday 13th Aug
Arrived Rouen at 2am. Taken from the railway station to No 5. General Hospital by motor which I would say was about three miles from the station. After a few Army particulars were taken, those who were able had to have a hot bath, and I can safely say we enjoyed it. I could use one arm, so managed to scratch along.

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