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left again on Thursday 26th Nov & on the same day went through hell's gate to the red sea on our way to Suez. Aden is a very desolate looking place no vegetation growing at all it being all desert & barren looking rocks. The Red Sea was very calm & the weather very mild from Aden to Suez. We arrived at Suez on Tuesday morning 1st Dec & after waiting our turn till 10 o'clock the same night we followed the rest of the boats into the Canal on our way to Port Said. The Canal is a wonderful sight. There were troops consisting of Sudanese, Sikhs, Gurkhas a batch of Manchester Engineers patrolling both sides of the Canal. After 14 hours steam up the canal we arrived at Port Said on Wednesday Dec 2nd. Port Said is a fairly large place & the sight as we passed each boat & Cruiser which were in port (both French & English)

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