Series 01: George Lillie war diary, 24 August 1914-24 April 1915 - Page 13

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a sight Albany or any other place has never seen before there being about 40 odd boats all waiting for the signal to steam off.

Oct 31
We returned to the bay to anchor with the rest of the boats

Sunday Nov 1st
we got up & were glad to see that all preparations were finished & that the boats were starting off headed by the Orvieto. Such a sight as they went in single file out of the harbour & out to sea will never again be witnessed fromby anybody we were all on deck watching 2 waiting for our turn to come which wasn't long & nowwe are all in sight of one another on the high seas & will have the same sight to see every morning we get up. There is an escort of 5 cruisers.

Nov 3rd
The sports on board were carried on quite successfully there being great excitement as

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