Minahan diary, 1 January 1917-3 January 1918 / M. Minahan - Page 195

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Gallipoli Peninsular
One night opp. our line the Turks were sighted putting Barb. W. entanglements in front of their trenches our major of M.G.S. who was in the front line at the time said the M.G. or R. were not to open on Turks until he has orders from Headqrs to do so the T. communication was a mess so he walked or ran to the Hqrs about 700 yds to ask if he could open fire on the Turks. By the time he had orders to do so the Turks had all their entanglements fixed and out of sight next day the Major M.A. tried to break the wire with M.G. fire and needless to say failed to do so

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