Series 01: George Lillie war diary, 24 August 1914-24 April 1915 - Page 61

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From 12th April to 17th didn't do anything only stopped on the ship.

April 17th
Went by means of two or three boats drawn by a pinnace to H.M.S. Queen to practice embarking & disembarking on the battleship.

April 24th
On April 24th all the troops got a bit excited as this was the day we got orders to have everything ready to leave the Malda. During our stay on the Malda we went through a great deal of practice in embarking & disembarking & night attacks. We left the Malda & embarked on a torpedo destroyer & subsequently boarded the H.M.S. Queen at about noon we left the Harbour at Mudros on the battleship

There is a lot of things of interest to be seen on a battleship & we kept ourselves busy looking round.

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